Saturday, August 28, 2010

3 Interesting Netbook OS'es

Netbooks are becoming very popular and they seem to replace laptops/notebooks as the ultimate portable device. While netbooks are extremely small and portable, they do not have huge memory to occupy a desktop OS such as Windows 7 Ultimate. I was recently playing with my friend's newly acquired netbook which inspired me to write this article. I am now going to suggest three Operating systems for netbooks that are worth considering.

This is a traditional choice when it comes to netbooks. I've seen most netbooks come with either XP Home/Vista Starter/7 Starter. Trust me, Starter editions are next to being useless and XP Home doesn't have a lot of features like XP Professional. 

Windows XP Profesional, though very ancient, does a good job on running in low-end PCs. Most of the software today work with Windows XP and you shouldn't be facing compatibility issues. Make sure that you have Service Pack 3, Internet Explorer 8 and a proper Anti Virus software installed before you venture into the Internet.

You might want to try a newer Windows Operating system in which case you can check out Windows 7 Home Premium, be ready to spend some bucks for this one and I noticed that XP performs faster than Windows 7, since the Netbook I checked out had just 1GB RAM.

Microsoft is going to stop shipping this OS from October, so, If you have decided to run XP on your Netbook, you better buy it soon.

This is what we finally installed. Ubuntu is an amazing linux distro and has a lot of programs that will help you use ubuntu out-of-the-box. It has the good looks and it's more capable than Windows XP.

This is another equally useful Operating system that can help you get the most out of your netbook. Jolicloud doesn't concentrate much on Traditional computing, but, works well with the internet connected. It has a lot of  apps which Fedora distros usually contain. It is also capable of accessing Windows file systems unlike Linux PCs. 


Ubuntu looks like the best of the lot, it is more capable than the archaic Windows XP and can obviously do a lot more things which XP can't. Ubuntu and Jolicloud are more secure in comparison to XP. If you want a more familiar environment in your netbook, going for XP makes sense.

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