Thursday, August 19, 2010

5+ Must Have Chrome Extensions for BLOGGERS

Google Chrome offers a lot of potential to bloggers with a wide range of extensions capable of making blogging and SEO a very easy task. Taking Screenshots, making blog posts can all be made easier with the extensions available. In this post, I am going to mention 5 must have extensions for bloggers to make their experience with chrome more productive.

Tech Bloggers will be required to take a lot of screenshots to go with their posts, though the snipping tool included with Windows 7/Vista is the best way to go, having a browser extension can always be easier.

This extension allows you to take screenshots of the website you open in your browser. The best thing about this extension is that you can take a screenshot of the entire webpage from the top to the bottom and store it in a single image file. It also allows you to edit the screenshot you have taken, with features like cropping, adding text and various drawing tools; this is the best extension of its kind.

Bloggers need to display good language skills if they want to be read. A blogger who flouts language and grammar can never be successful.

This is a spell-checking extension, whenever you type something and submit the same online, this extension will do a spell check and will let you know of the mistakes you have made before submitting content. It also does well in correcting grammar mistakes.

This is an official extension by Google. It enables you to post to your blogger blog from any website with just a single click.

Most of us use the Wordpress blogging platform for its reliability and its ease of use. We tend to disable automatic comment publishing in an attempt to reduce spam and most of us forget to approve comments. This could irritate the visitor of the blog and you run the risk of losing you readers. This extension reminds you about pending comment in your blog, you can always be sure that the comments are moderated regularly.

Most of the bloggers use Micro blogging services such as Twitter, in which case a URL Shortener is essential. URL Shortener helps you share links by shortening them. PC Geek uses for the URLs on its twitter page.


This is an amazing SEO management extension; it gives information about the indexing of a particular webpage on various search engines, backlinks, PR, etc. It’s a must have if you also do the SEO tasks for your site. 

This is an amazing extension that lets you blog about whatever you read on the web. For instance, you are on a blog reading a very inspiring article, you can reblog the same on your blog by just pressing the Blog this! button. This works only with blogger's blogs.

Got an extension which is equally good, but not listed above? Comment below and show your presence.