Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Tips to Speedup Windows 7

Windows 7 has been a phenomenal success for Microsoft and frankly it’s a lot better than Windows XP, I had to fix three computers last week, all running Windows 7. Their complaint was – Computer isn’t responding frequently. Now, with that experience, I am going to mention some tips to Speed up your Windows 7 PC.

Use Ready Boost:

Ready Boost exists from the days of Windows Vista. The concept is to use the memory of your removable disk to power your computer’s RAM. Using a 2GB USB Drive with ready boost would be a good option. You can allocate the amount of memory you will be using on your Removable disk with Ready boost. I’ll have to warn you that some flash drives won’t work with this feature.

Turn Off Aero Glass:

The UI without Aero
Aero ate up a lot of memory during Vista’s days. In Windows 7, Aero is a lot lighter and better. If your computer isn’t fast enough with Aero turned on, you can always switch to the Windows 7 Basic Interface. There is also the Windows 7 Classic interface which takes you back to the good ol’ days you spent with Windows XP.

Use CCleaner:
I’ve told this before and I am telling you again.  CCleaner is the best utility to fine tune your Windows PC. Cleaning your temp files and registry once a week will keep your computer running like a Porsche. Don’t forget to remove unwanted programs from startup using this program. You may also want to check out Advanced System Care. Download CCleaner here.

Adjust Indexing Options:

Windows 7, by default keeps indexing files and folders which you may access often and this may slow down your computer. You can tweak these settings to make Windows 7 index only the files and folders you want it to. Go to Control Panel -> Indexing -> Indexing Options to make modifications.

Disable Gadgets (If you use them):

Gadgets aren't useful!

Gadgets take up a lot of memory. I personally don’t prefer them, I feel, that with the increasing amount of websites available, you can easily do more than what your gadgets can offer with browser extensions. You may however use Gadgets if your computer has the capacity to run it smoothly.

Bonus Tip: Upgrade!!

You computer may also slow down due to low resources, upgrading would be a good option. Microsoft's guideline for Minimum requirements isn't very accurate. If you are looking for a decent performance from your computer, I recommend you have at least - A 2.0Ghz Processor, 2GB RAM and a hard-disk that will satisfy you and also leave space for the OS. With this specification you can smoothly run your Windows 7 + the Windows XP mode, if required.