Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better Facebook with Google Chrome -- (4+ Facebook Extensions)

Google Chrome has been regarded as one of the best browsers around. It's faster than its counterparts and is better at page rendering. One can't possibly think of 'cons' to say about this browser. Extensions have radically improved chrome as a complete browser. There is an array of extensions for almost anything you might ask for. In this post, I am going to discuss about Facebook related extensions for Chrome that will definitely enhance your Facebook'ing experience with this browser.

Facebook for Google Chrome:

This extension is a must-have if you are a frequent Facebook user. It enables you to quickly access Facebook whenever you need. Click here to install.

Facebook Photo Zoom:

This one is for those lazy users who just want a preview of images on Facebook without having to load an entire page. This extension enables you to get a full-sized preview of images on Facebook by just hovering the pointer over them. Click here to install.

Facebook Rounder:

This extension will smoothen edges in Facebook right from profile pictures to drop boxes, buttons etc. The screenshot above will give you an idea. Click here to install.

Beautify Facebook: 

This extension adds a background image to Facebook instead of the white color making it look better aesthetically. Click here to install.

Facebook Share:

This extensions lets you share any web page on Facebook. This comes in handy when you try sharing blogs which haven't included the Facebook share button in their site. Click here to install.

Facebook Notifier:

This extension shows you Facebook notifications as soon as there is one, which means that you won't have to frequently visit Facebook to check notifications, they come to you! Click here to install.

Facebook Activity Feed:
Facebook activity Feed for PC Geek

This extension shows you the Facebook feed relevant to any website you visit. It features users who have liked the page/certain pages,posts in that page. Click here to install.

There are even more extensions that are worth mentioning, but, I feel that these are the best. Installing these will make your Facebook usage, more easier and effective.

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