Monday, August 23, 2010

Downloading a YouTube Video

I’ve lately been receiving queries from my friends about downloading YouTube videos. Many still think that it’s impossible to download videos from YouTube since it’s not an illegal site. Well, this post is here to break all the myths. You absolutely CAN download YouTube videos without any limitations. I am now going to provide a rudimentary tutorial towards downloading a video from YouTube.

To download files from YouTube, you are going to need a tiny freeware called YouTube downloader (click here for a download of the same). Install the setup file downloaded and go to the video you wish to download using your web browser. Now, copy the URL of the video’s page on YouTube. With the URL in your clipboard, open YouTube downloader and paste the URL in the appropriate field and start downloading. The screenshot(s) below should explain pretty much everything which I have got to say.

P.S. YouTube downloader also works with other popular video sites.

copy the URL of the video you wish to Download.
Open YouTube Downloader

Read the Instructions in the image and you'll be good to go!
Download Link: YouTube Downloader

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