Monday, August 30, 2010

MetroTwit: A New Potential Twitter Client

I personally like using various twitter clients and writing about them. Recently, I wrote about 5 Reasons to use TweetDeck in MadrasGeek. When it comes to using Twitter, I refrain from using the web interface though I occasionally come under the situation of checking it out without any choice. TweetDeck is my favorite when it comes to tweeting from my computer. In this post, I am going to write about MetroTwit – A new Twitter client that’s worth checking out.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of MetroTwit is the elegant design and it’s aesthetic beauty. It wildly resembles the live messenger program. The font looks great on my Windows 7. Though, appearances are deceptive, this program has a lot of interesting features to complement its beauty. Complete integration with the Windows 7 taskbar is amazing. It shows the number of unread items near the icon.  There is also an option to refresh the Twitter timeline from the taskbar itself. No other Twitter program has had a complete co-ordination with Windows.

Coming to the UI, It’s pretty simple to use. By default, there are 3 columns – Friends, Replies and DM’s and the number of unread items in each category is clearly displayed on top. Automatic URL Shortening is amazing and you also have the option of integrating your account to track clicks.

Infinite scrolling is one thing I loved in MetroTwit, you can literally keep scrolling your timeline and it never stops. Notifications are amazing in MetroTwit; the notifications are just like the ones in TweetDeck which pop up whenever a tweet is posted. The notification sound is a lot better in MetroTwit compared to the one in TweetDeck. Autocomplete is another significant feature in MetroTwit, hash tags and twitter handles work with Autocomplete. When it comes to memory consumption, MetroTwit takes up very less memory when compared to TweetDeck, but, keeping in mind all the features TweetDeck offers you, the difference becomes negligible. Themes are amazing in MetroTwit, there are many color combinations and you can choose one that nicely complements your Windows theme.

What I miss?

Being a loyal user of TweetDeck from the time I joined twitter, I miss some features in MetroTwit when compared to TweetDeck

·         Picture Uploading
By just dragging the image file you can upload pictures to TwitPic right from TweetDeck, This feature is very useful – Sadly, missing in MetroTwit.

·         Tweet Shrink
I usually type without SMS lingo and Tweet Shrink helped me a lot when it came to compressing text in tweets, this feature too isn’t included in MetroTwit.

·         Global Filter
This feature isn’t available in MetroTwit. I have some noisy friends whom I wish to be filtered always – TweetDeck’s filter option helped me with that.

MetroTwit is still in beta, so we can expect more features to be added soon, before it can compete with the likes of TweetDeck. The installation could be a bit painful if .NET is not already in your computer. I had a couple of errors at first and then things smoothened up.

I’ve always been inspired by personalities like Long Zheng (iStarted something) who is one of the developers of MetroTwit. Long’s attempt in creating a live search was amazing, so is MetroTwit.