Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Useful Chrome Extensions for Business Users

Last week, I wrote a post on Deploying Chrome in large Organizations and as a continuation of that article, I am now writing about some Google Chrome extensions which will be very useful for business users. 

1. Meeting Scheduler for Google Calendar:

This is an amazing scheduling extension that integrates itself completely to Google Calendar. If your office is using Google Apps mail of which Google Calendar is a part of, this extension will seamlessly help you organize your day. However, If Gmail is blocked in your office and you don't use Google Apps this extension isn't going to help you. Get it here.

2. Google Calendar Checker:

This is a similar extension revolving around Google Calendar. It simply shows the time you have until the next meeting or the next item in your calendar, this helps you keep updated with the amount of work you have thereby making your more productive. Get it here.

3. Google Dictionary: 

This is a must-have extension not only for business users, but, for anyone willing to communicate in English. Installing a dictionary in your computer might take up a lot of space, using Google Dictionary eliminates all that trouble and also gets you concise definitions for the words you want. You can even look up a word by just highlighting it and pressing the dictionary icon. As a professional you might have to write a lot of reports, letters, mails etc. When you are looking to use a new word, this extension will definitely come in handy. Get it here.

4. Unit Converter:

This is another time saving extension for those corporate users hopelessly spending their time converting all the figures. It is very handy and is definitely a keeper! Get it here.

5. Chrome Currency Converter:
This Amazon US page show prices in INR,
thanks to the currency converter extension.

If you are in the US, you probably won't need this much, but for those living in other countries, this is a must have extension. All you have to do is add it to your browser and specify your preferred currency, from then on anything in US$ on a webpage will automatically be converted into the currency of your choice. Cool, isn't it? Get it here.

6. After The Deadline:

Chrome lacks a solid in-built spell checker and this extensions makes up for all the loss. It warns you before submitting anything to a webpage in the presence of spelling/grammatic errors. I highly recommend it to freelancers who have trouble blogging in English. Get it here.

7. IE Tab:

This extension might even make you change your mind and switch to Google Chrome. It helps you open a new page using Internet Explorer's engine right from Google Chrome. This can be very useful if your office has stubborn Web Apps that refuse to work on anything other than Internet Explorer. Remember that this extension will only work in Windows PCs with Internet Explorer 8 installedGet it here.

8. WEB2PDF Converter:

As a corporate user, you might have to send a lot of files in PDF format. Saving a webpage in HTML looks very unprofessional since it adds an extra folder with the web elements inside. This extensions neatly saves the entire website exactly the way it looks onto a PDF document, making it easy to share important web-shots! Get it here.

9. Chromey Calculator:

This isn't just another calculator, it performs complex mathematical functions with the help of Wolfram Alpha which is way more accurate than any calculator you might have. This extension will come in handy if you work  in a position where a lot of calculations and figures are involved. Get it here.


10. URL Shortener:
This extensions shortens the long URL of webpages you are currently browsing to a shorter version so that you can share it easily. If you have to share a URL in a report that is really long, this will definitely come in handy. Get it here.

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