Thursday, September 30, 2010

4 Newly Added Firefox Add-ons

Firefox is always known for its extensive collection of Add-ons. In this post, I am listing out some interesting add-ons that have recently made it to the add-ons gallery. The add-ons featured below are added after June 2010.

1. Thumbnail Zoom
This add-on goes a bit beyond the Facebook photo zoom and does the same job in sites like Twitter, MySpace, Amazon, Hi5, Flickr and LinkedIn. It works great and also supports Firefox 4b.

2. Copy Short URL
Installing this Add-on adds a right-click menu “Copy Short URL” on every page, clicking on it copies the Short URL of the particular page onto your clipboard so that you can copy it elsewhere. The default service is

3. Google Apps Mail Watcher
There aren’t many add-ons that work with Google Apps, but, this one is a must-have if you are a Google Apps user like me. It notifies about the number of unread mails in the apps account that you have logged on. Sadly, it doesn’t work with Firefox 4b.

4. Unread Gmail Favicon

You might have used add-ons that separately display the number of unread mails in your Gmail account, this one replaces the original favicon of Gmail with its own favicon that contains that number of unread mails you have. 

Have you installed/came across any interesting add-ons lately? Share them with us through comments.

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