Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deploy Google Chrome for your Organization

Google Chrome is steadily growing at the expense of both IE and Firefox. Speed, minimal interface and flexibility are the USP’s of chrome and it really makes sense to make the switch to Chrome instead of using IE.

Google Chrome’s installer has always supported the home-user since it downloads the browser from the internet during the installation process to ensure that the user gets to use the latest version. This is not a very easy method to deploy Chrome on a large scale. Google has now understood the issue and has rolled out a .msi installer which will enable system admins to perform unattended installations over the computer network. There is still a catch though; automatic updating will NOT work when you install chrome with an .msi file. Users will have to manually update to newer versions of chrome unlike the users who use Chrome obtained from a normal installation which updates without the user’s knowledge.

Enterprise users with Chrome have a lot of interesting features to enjoy like that of the IE Tab which opens a page with IE within chrome upon your request. This will be great if some of your web-apps work only on IE.

Download the .msi version of the Google Chrome installer here.

So, are you planning to deploy Google Chrome? Do you think it's appropriate in a corporate scenario?

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