Friday, September 24, 2010

McAfee’s URL Shortener is here! So is the Chrome Extension [Tech Update]

Recently, McAfee introduced its URL Shortening service; The USP of this service is combining McAfee’s security into Short URLs which makes them reliable. McAfee will be using the databases from its Site Advisor service to differentiate between phishing and reliable sites. However, when you arrive at a page using the shortened URL, a tab appears on the top of the page stating the security of the particular website and also promoting the URL shortening service – This might put off some users. (You can turn off the frame for Green rated websites at the bottom of site)

hitting change me will enable you to disable/enable the frames on short URL pages

Using this service is even easier for Chrome users since there is an exclusive extension available. The McAfee Secure URL Shortener does its job in a click (This extension is very similar to that of URL Shortener).  Right-clicking on the shortened URL does not work and you will inevitably have to use the Ctrl+C combination. The Frame on top of the shortened URLs can be switched off from the main site and the setting applies to you even if you shorten a URL from the extension. (I guess a cookie does this job).

This service may change the way Short URLs are looked at, but, it would be better if McAfee can improve its  Site Advisor service (by frequently updating it) which will enhance the security of their shortened URLs. [McAfee’s URL Shortener home page]
McAfee Secure URL Shortener [Chrome Extension]

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