Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Roundup - September 2010

This is the 2nd Roundup since the startup of PC Geek.
We've had a lot of good things in September. We got ourself a domain and a regular contributor who will be starting pretty soon. In the forthcoming months, we are looking to reduce the number of posts a month and instead concentrate more on the quality and the information density in them. Our comment system is now powered by Disqus, An amazing comment management tool for blogs. We crossed over 150 Facebook fans for our page this month. We have also added a notification that will be visible when someone tries to view PC Geek on an old web browser such as IE 6 [as a part of GeekEvangelize]. Click here for a preview.

Below is a list of posts that did well during September 2010, If you haven't read them before, check them out now.
I got quite a few mails/tweets from readers thanking me for the article, If you are not sure whether you need an upgrade, check it out.
I have always wondered whether it's possible (in Windows) to automatically get a shortcut for removable media as soon as they are plugged in. It's one feature I always adored in GNOME. This article will guide you on getting this feature on to your Windows based PC. Check it out here.
Many companies still continue to use IE, (still worse, IE6). If you are the IT guy for your company - check this out.
This post got the most number of hits (all time) on PC Geek. I received a lot of comments for it (relatively) and some encouraging tweets. Check it out here.
I had to fix a couple of Net books this month and it inspired me to write this post, Its more like a collection of software that will make your net book more productive. Check it out here.
I read a lot of blogs writing content about uninstalling IE9, I sincerely felt that IE9 was too good to remove just because a couple of useless sites didn't support it. In this post, you will read about a method in which you can make IE8 compatible pages render properly on IE9. Check it out here.

The following screenshot will give you an idea about the traffic at PC Geek Blog:

We'd like to thank all those who read these posts/subscribed to them/shared them on social media and helped us get noticed by others. 
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