Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running IE9 and IE8 Together (in a way)

It’s been a week since Internet Explorer 9 has arrived and most of the users seem to be happy with the browser, but, at times IE9 doesn’t work in a way you expect IE to work.
 My Net Banking site works only on Internet Explorer, and when I try opening it in IE9 it says that my browser is not supported. I guess IE9 has undergone a complete makeover and there is no trace of IEness in it. In this situation you have no other option but to uninstall IE9 and get back to IE8 to run IE-compatible websites, but, you will deeply miss the functionality that IE9 provided you with. In this post, I am going to guide you towards making your IE9 render pages that were designed to work with IE8 and older.

  • Open Internet Explorer 9 and wait for the home page to load.
  • Press F12
  • A bar will appear on the bottom where you will be able to find ‘Browser Mode: IE9’ – click on that to change the browser mode to IE8, If you’ve got websites that strictly work only on IE7 and older, you may change the browser mode to IE 7. 
The IE9 7 Compatibility view should be able to work with all the sites that are designed for IE while giving you the best of IE9 at the same time. (But, it failed to work for me – I got the same error message in my bank’s website)

PS - You should be able to work with pages designed for older versions of IE, since IE9 comes with compatibility updates, but, there are instances where a site might refuse to work with IE9.

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