Thursday, September 30, 2010

Syncing With Google Chrome

‘X-Marks’ is no more and it looks like Chrome users have to live with the default syncing option. In this post, I am going to guide you on setting up syncing on Google Chrome. Before you set-up sync, make sure you have a working Google (Gmail account), since the synced data is stored in Google Docs so that you can use Chrome the way you want across multiple-PC’s.

Open Google Chrome and hit ‘About Google Chrome’ (under the spanner icon) to check if you are on the latest version. If your browser wasn’t updated, Chrome will take of the rest and do it for you. I am insisting on using the latest version since it’s more secure and they’ve added support for Extensions syncing.

The latest version of Chrome supports extension syncing

After your browser gets updated, restart it and click the ‘spanner’ button on the top right and hit options, navigate to ‘personal stuff’ tab and click on ‘Set up Sync’. Enter your Google Account info when asked for and choose whatever you want to sync (I would recommend you sync everything) and you are good to go!

Google Chrome has an excellent syncing system, but, it lacks password syncing right now. Using a third party extension such as LastPass helps you sync password across computers.

If you know or use an interesting extension that does the job better, comment below and share the knowledge.
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