Sunday, October 17, 2010

10 Effective Web Alternatives to Desktop Applications

With Internet becoming more and more prominent, we should consider using Web apps as much as possible, doing so will help save a lot of space on our computers which otherwise would be used to install applications. In this post, I am listing out some of the effective web alternatives that are worth using. I understand that there are umpteen articles similar to this one, but, I sincerely tried every app below and truly believe that you should check them out.

MS Outlook and Thunderbird are great, but, why use them when you can get even better functionality with Gmail. I might sound very obvious, but, people don’t use Gmail to its fullest. If you are not already on Gmail, consider getting a free account.

MS Office is expensive and there aren’t many viable alternatives. Google Docs is very convenient to collaborate and work with many people; moreover, you don’t have to convert files in order to view them since docs support many formats.

This is an online torrent client that replaces uTorrent/BitTorrent. Give it the link of the torrent you wish to download and it takes care of the rest. Though it isn’t very feature-rich, it’s worth using when you are not allowed to install software on your computer.

Tired of installing IM clients to your computer? Meebo is a multi-platform web IM client that helps you connect to all your friends from different networks at one place.

This replaces the need to use 7-Zip. It supports all the compression formats so you don’t have to mind searching for a program that will be compatible.

If you use CPanel or MS Exchange to take care of the Email needs of your organization, Google Apps is made just for you. It is very affordable compared to its competitors and it gives you the Gmail interface for your email needs which makes it all the more perfect. Since all the data is on the cloud, you can save a lot on the money you spend in maintaining your Datacenter.

If you regularly use many social networking websites and find it overwhelming to be active in all of them Hootsuite is the answer. It replaces TweetDeck or any other desktop social client.

Dropbox aims to eliminate the need to carry a USB flash drive or any other physical storage device. It works on a freemium model and free users are given 2GB of storage which can be used to store anything they want to. Dropbox can also be used to host images for your blog. If you keep referring your friends to use Dropbox, you can claim more free storage space from them and if you are really impressed by their service, you might as well get a premium account with more storage.

This web application replace Adobe Acrobat, with it you can read PDF files, edit them and do a lot more. It’s completely free and eliminates the need to purchase paid PDF software.

This program scan files you upload and lets you know whether it’s infected or not. It comes with the credibility of Kaspersky. Though it does not replace your security software, its more reliable than many free solutions we use.

While web apps are very useful and compatible with PCs/Macs, you need to make sure that you have a reliable internet connection. If you know a web app that’s worth listing leave a comment below.