Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5+ Apps Every Symbian (Nokia S60) User Must Have

With all the hype around android, iOS and the Windows Mobile 7 – Symbian is clearly dying, but, if you already own a Symbian (like myself), there’s no use in complaining. Over the past month, I tried over 60 apps and have shortlisted 5 of them that are really worth using. I have tried them on a Nokia E63 (uses Symbian 60 3rd Edition) and they should work on most of the Symbian powered models around.

1. Snaptu

This is absolutely inevitable. It works on most of the internet enabled mobile phones and allows you to access  popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and a plethora of blogs with dedicated apps for Mashable, Ars Technica, Life hacker, Tech Crunch and more. The RSS reader in Snaptu allows you to add any blog so that you can easily access it, for instance, PC Geek does not have a mobile site and subscribing to the RSS of PC Geek will give you a better experience than visiting the actual site from your phone’s browser. The entire application runs on cloud which means that it can perform well even on older mobile phones.

I love the Twitter client Snaptu offers and have started using it for tweeting on the go. To download, visit from your mobile phone’s browser.

2. Fring

If you are looking for an IM client for your Symbian, look no further. Fring combines Twitter, IM and VoIP into a single interface. It also allows you to make voice calls to the numbers in your phone’s contact book at a very cheap rate (just like Skype). If you are looking to use Fring for VoIP you must be on a 3G network or have a Wi-Fi connection that’s fast enough for VoIP.

eBuddy is another valuable application that lets you IM across multiple networks

To get Fring on your mobile, click here and enter your country and your mobile number, you will receive a text from Fring with the download link.

3. Opera Mini

I sound very obvious, but, I can’t help it. Opera Mini is fast and saves a lot on your monthly data from your wireless provider and the latest version supports tabbed browsing. It does have its share of cons, it doesn’t render pages like your phone’s native text browser does and it doesn’t support a lot of websites like and if your version of Opera Mini has become obsolete, you need to find it out and upgrade it yourself.

To download, Visit from your phone’s browser.

4. Gmail for Symbian

Google has come up with a pretty cool app for Gmail in your phone. The application is faster than the built-in mail client and supports your Gmail/Google Apps accounts. You can handle multiple accounts and it’s the best bet if you use Gmail often.

There is a similar application from Google for Maps, Buzz, News, YouTube, iGoogle, Reader and calendar. The Official Google search app also supports voice searching and it works pretty well.

Get the Gmail app by visiting on your mobile. All the applications from Google can be found at

5. Skype

Skype as you all know is the most used VoIP client. Getting Skype on your mobile phone can save you a lot of airtime and yes! you will need to be on a 3G network or Wi-Fi to use Skype. Get Skype by visiting from your phone.

Your Symbian can take advantage of the following apps only if you live in India.


The Following applications will be applicable only for Indian users:

6. Ngpay

If you love Net banking, you’ll probably like Mobile banking even more, Ngpay helps you pay for the goods you buy using your credit/debit card or your bank’s account. You will be required to register with ngpay after which you can choose your favorite merchants and service providers. You then add your bank account and start making transactions. To download, visit from your computer and enter your mobile number when asked, you will receive a text with the download link and you are good to go.

7. News Hunt

This application helps you read some of the most leading newspapers from India. If you don’t have time to read one or if you don’t subscribe for one, this is a viable alternative. Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Business Line, Midday, Manorama are some of the English dailies available. To download, visit from your mobile phone.

The applications I have mentioned in this article are handpicked from a huge lot I tried out. If you have something to add to the list leave a comment below.