Thursday, October 14, 2010

5 Cool Gadgets for Windows

I have lately been intrigued about the Gadgets on my Windows 7 and as a result, I made lots of visits to the personalization gallery to find out something interesting, In this post, I am looking to share some of the best ones I came across.

The Personalization gallery (esp. the gadget gallery) requires a big revamp. MS has stopped developing gadgets after they failed with it in Vista. Some gadgets in the page are crappy and some are mediocre. I rarely stumbled upon a gadget that was decent and usable. 

Google Gadget: 

A search gadget that lets you look up from your desktop, there’s nothing special about it though. If you are a Microsoft fan boy, you might want to check out the similar Bing Gadget.

Twitter Explorer: 

A very impressive twitter client I used during my days with Vista (before I started playing with TweetDeck). It is one gadget which is frequently updated. It doesn’t have a lot of additional features which the AIR clients offer you, but, you will be able to perform rudimentary tasks on Twitter if you are swamped with all the office-work. The Facebook Explorer is a similar gadget by the same developer.

Wireless Network Monitor: (Get it)

If you use Wi-Fi a lot this gadget might come in handy, it’s one of the few gadgets in the gallery that actually look good and works good.

Vista Shutdown Control: (Get it)

This gadget helps you shut-down your computer without having to go to Start > Shut Down. It was quite popular during the reign of Vista where the power buttons were placed very subtly by the guys at Redmond, though the power buttons are very clear in Windows 7 you might want to use this gadget to get the XP style power buttons which many users are comfortable with. A word of caution - this gadget does not work properly in some computers.

Digital World Clock: (Get it)

If you need to keep up with the time at various countries this gadget should help you and yes, you can add additional clocks to the system tray natively in Windows.

Stock Board: (Get it)

If you are a finance/stock market enthusiast this gadget has a lot to offer you.

One thing you can blatantly find in this gallery is unprofessionalism, many gadgets that are obsolete/not relevant today are still a part of the gallery and some gadgets serve no purpose at all, though Gadgets were given extreme importance as a part of Vista, I can’t understand why Microsoft silently ditched them in Windows 7. Many of the gadgets in the gallery are still not verified by Microsoft and a warning conveying the same pops-up for every 1/4th of the gadgets you can find.

Looks are very important when it comes to desktop gadgets and most of the gadgets in the gallery look unappealing, I guess Microsoft has to learn a lot from Apple on this front.

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