Friday, October 29, 2010

Download of the Week: CD Burner XP

We'll be having a Download of the Week every Friday from now on.
I recently added CD Burner XP to our Freeware list and I am happy I did that. This software proves to be a potential alternative to Nero and other paid CD/DVD burning suites.

Some of the key features in this freeware are burning Audio discs without gaps between tracks, creating bootable discs, ISO images, disc cover printing and Blu-Ray/HD-DVD burning support. The first thing that impressed is the faster installation time. Nero 10 took ages to install on my PC and it required a reboot after which the installation process continued. But CD Burner XP installs in less than a minute and works out-of-the-box.

Creating an ISO file is pretty impressive

The UI is pretty minimalistic showing only the obvious features, but the advanced features such as printing images on CD/DVD with LightScribe will be found once you get into them and start working. I strongly recommend you try this software even if you have been given the bloated Nero’s OEM version for free with your optical drive. A word of caution though, When you install this software make sure that you opt out of installing the ‘Ask Toolbar’ since it’s pretty difficult to remove once you install it.

Download CD Burner XP via