Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Featured by Big Blogs? This might be your Destiny [PIC]

Gizmodo totally killed this site! (Before & After)

I’ve read about websites going down minutes after they make it to the front page of DIGG or after they are featured at a prominent spot in a top blog. That’s the result of unexpected traffic. Gizmodo featured a cool website that will help you find out your phone (which is misplaced somewhere in your house) by giving it a ring. Apparently, Dave, the webmaster was not ready for all the traffic and had to shut-down the service.

It usually doesn’t happen to normal blogs/web startups. But this service had to be brought down since every call made by the website to the user’s phone is charged and the admins had run out of credits to keep it going. Hope they get it back soon!

UPDATE: The Site I Can't find my Phone is apparently back to business.

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