Friday, October 8, 2010

A Screensaver that Scans! [Microsoft Security Essentials Screensaver]

Scanning my computer is one of the last things I would want to do when I am working on it. It constantly gets in the way and hinders my productivity. If you agree with me, the tool I am going to introduce you will make you happy. Deviant Art user ‘Windows Zealot’ has come up with a pretty cool screensaver that scans your computer for malware/virus when the screensaver is activated (i.e. when you are away). This screensaver works only with Microsoft Security Essentials, so installing it will be a pre-requisite.

The screensaver has a graphical mode and a non-graphical, where you can see the floating MSE logo in the graphical mode while the computer scans in the background and just the blank screen in the non-graphical mode.

This is a pretty good tool and all you have to do is to leave your computer on when you go out for lunch or to the loo. There is a similar feature built into Avast home edition. I feel that this is a pretty good tool.

In this era where viruses and spyware are neatly embedded into screensavers by online perverts, this developer has done something very good. What do you think?

Download [Security screensaver] | Download [Microsoft Security Essentials]

Source - Lifehacker

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