Monday, October 11, 2010

Tweak IE9 with IE9 Tweaker

The Windows Club (Lee Whittington) has come up with IE9 Tweaker – A sequel to their popular tool ‘Tweak IE’. IE9 Tweaker lets you easily change certain aspects of IE9 that are otherwise difficult.  The Favorites home page is an interesting feature that’s included in this version. It lets you create a personalized start page with links to your most visited pages (that are mentioned by you beforehand) as opposed to the ‘Your most popular sites’ page which is included natively in IE9. Since IE has come with a decent download manager this time, there is an option in this tool to limit the number of active downloads.

Click for a larger resolution

Click for a larger resolution

Most of the other settings are pretty straightforward. If you are looking to use IE9 as your default browser, this tool will give you a hand to get the most out of it.

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