Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Opera Extensions You Should Try

Opera’s latest BETA (version 11) brings in functionality to install extensions into the browser. I just had a look at the Opera Extensions gallery and found a small collection of extensions that are worth using. Since Extensions are pretty new for Opera, you should keep checking out their gallery in the forthcoming days for more stuff.


This is a well known extension that already exists for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It allows you to access content in websites without having to register with your personal data.

Redirect to HTTPS:


This is more like a SSL enforcer for Opera. Installing this extension redirects you to the secure aka HTTPS/SSL version of the website you are visiting. It currently supports a bunch of popular sites and the developer has mentioned that the extension will become more compatible in the future. Short URL and QR Code Generator:

As the title says, this extension shortens URLs and also displays QR code for the same. is pretty reliable and you should give this a try.

Twitterer for Opera:

Looking to share stuff you read on Twitter in a single click? You’ve just stumbled upon the right extension for that. Twitterer for Opera helps you easily share webpages to Twitter.

F.B. Purity:

This extension is more like Better Facebook for Chrome. It cleans up stuff you are not interested on Facebook and lets you access a no-nonsense version of Facebook. In my opinion every Facebook user must give this extension a try.

Most of the extensions in the gallery were a bit wonky and it’s purely understandable since they are very new and it’ll take time for them to become stable. If you’ve been staying away from Opera due to the lack of Extensions you might as well give it a try now.

Update 1: LastPass, a popular password manager has now arrived for Opera and we think it’s worth mentioning it here.