Saturday, November 27, 2010

6 Reasons to use Digsby

We all love IMs despite all the distractions and troubles they can cause. If you are still using a separate Yahoo! Messenger/GTalk/Live Messenger; you desperately need a multi-network IM client that can handle all those networks from one window. Multi-network IM Clients save your computer’s memory big time by just launching one program for all the IM accounts you hold instead of a separate one for everything.

What are the options?

Pidgin, Trillian Astra and Digsby are some of the best IM clients that can handle many networks. In this post, I am placing emphasis on Digsby rather than the others.


Let’s face it. Digsby is obviously better than Pidgin or Trillian Astra in many ways. I’ve got 6 arguments to convince you that Digsby is the way to go. Read on…

1. Reply without having to Switch Windows

Digsby Multi-tasking

When you are using Yahoo! Messenger, Pidgin or any other conventional IM client you’ll have to swap to the IM Window when there’s a message. Digsby on the other hand gets you a little notification on the left bottom of the screen where you can type in the reply and continue doing your work.

2. Conversation Logging:

Digsby - Chat logs

This is one feature I personally cherish on Digsby. I use IM for professional communication and when I am speaking about something very significant with the person on the other side, I am required to remember each and every word. Thankfully, Digsby automatically logs the transcript of all the conversations you have. Just hit Tools > Chat History to view the transcripts. Although this feature is on Pidgin, I like the way it works here at Digsby.

3. Also a Fast Twitter Client:

Digsby Twitter

TweetDeck is reasonably fast, but when it comes to speed, nothing can get near Digsby’s Twitter client. It doesn’t offer you the bells and whistles you find on other Twitter suites, but it definitely gets you the basics right. It also features a Digsby branded ( powered) automatic short URL service to make things easier. If you are looking for some fast (I mean, really fast), no-nonsense Tweeting; Digsby’s the answer.

4. Skins

Digsby - Skins

Pidgin offers amazing functionality at a very low memory, alright! But, humans need some aesthetic beauty to make it through the day and Pidgin seriously lacks it. The presence of versatile looking skins on Digsby makes it look awesome while Pidgin (though has skins to customize) makes it look like you are coding.

5. Get Live Chat for your Website:

live chat digsby

You would’ve probably seen a lot of e-commerce websites having a live-chat widget on their website with a person (or probably a bot with a set of messages), giving you additional information about their offerings. Digsby makes it easier to add such a widget to your website or blog. Go here and customize a widget that suits your blog. You will be shown an ‘online’ status whenever you are using Digsby on your PC. It also lets you know the number of visitors at your site at a particular time period. This service might not be interesting to everyone, but it could turn out to be a boon if you are a webmaster looking for something similar for free.

6. Single Sign-in:

A Digsby sign in gets you all the accounts wherever you are. With Digsby in hand, you might as well forget signing in and out of every computer where you’ve installed Pidgin or other software.

Though I have been showering praises for this software, there is something to mention in the *HATE* section.

Digsby is known for self-promotion. There are even links to Digsby in your status messages. Thankfully, there’s an option to switch this off. Digsby’s website does not have a commendable rating on WOT, apparently because of their poor track record in the past for bundling crapware with this amazing piece of software. But, don’t let this turn you off, since a lot has changed on Digsby lately. I still read somewhere that there are bundled crapware which comes with the installer. Just to be on the safer side, I am including a Ninite download link at the end of this article that will let you download a crap free version.

Download Digsby [Ninite]

Let us know your experience with Digsby using the comments section.