Monday, November 15, 2010

CNET’s TechTracker vs FileHippo’s Update Checker

For those who didn't know – TechTracker and Update Checker are programs that will help you keep your computer up-to-date by fetching details about obsolete software. In this post I am going to compare both of them to provide you an idea as to which is better.

CNET's TechTracker: 

It’s a miniscule application that scans your computer for obsolete software and gives you a result based on CNET’s software library at The UI and the way the program works is great, but it is very inaccurate at times. Another bugging aspect of this software is that you are required to sign up with CNET in order to use it. This isn’t a good idea since CNET will have access to personally identifiable information such as the software that is installed in your PC, etc. The slew of options available on the TechTracker results page is amazing. You have the option to skip an update for a while or permanently. TechTracker also has a Mac version. The TechTracker Plus version (The paid one) does all the updating and downloading job by itself.

FileHippo’s Update Checker: 

This is a very similar app, but IMO – a lot better than TechTracker. It uses the software library at and the best thing about it is that you do not require an account with FileHippo to use this service which means that they won’t be having access to personally identifiable data. The accuracy of this program is very good when compared to TechTracker, but it may take a while for an update to appear compared to TechTracker since software is usually updated earlier at CNET’s websites compared to FileHippo’s. The program also gives you information about the beta updates available for the software you use – Just in case you are interested.

Bottom Line: 

Comparing these two, I’d definitely recommend FileHippo’s Update Checker for obvious reasons stated above.