Friday, November 5, 2010

Download of the Week: Tera Copy 2.12

Copying a large amount of files in Windows makes the process sluggish. At times, you won’t be able to work on other tasks since the copying takes up all the space. This problem is very evident in Windows XP and Vista. If you are looking to speed-up the regular copy/move process – Tera Copy is the solution. This nifty application replaces the explorer copy and move functions whilst allowing you to work usually with files and folders.

Tera copy allows you to copy files faster. There is noticeable difference in speed when files are copied from one hard-disk to another. You can also pause the file transfer process if you need to do something else with the particular drive. Error recovery is one feature I love in Tera Copy. In Windows Explorer the file transfer process stops if there’s a corrupt file or an error, but Tera Copy tries its best to recover the file and in the end presents you with a list of files that failed to copy. The Tera Copy Pro version has features such as removing or adding files to the copy/move queue and many more, but, I feel that the free version should suffice for most users.