Friday, November 19, 2010

Filter Annoying Tweeters on New Twitter’s Web Interface

We all follow certain users on Twitter who irritate us by indulging in excessive self-advertising/Re-tweeting etcetera. Unfollowing them is an excellent solution while there is an excellent chance for the person on the other side to get offended. If you really care about this annoying Tweeter and don’t want to hurt him. Filtering their tweets is the only way to play safe.

It is very easy to filter these bad guys on Twitter clients like TweetDeck and the likes. But if you regularly use Twitter’s website you don’t have the option to do that. In this post, I am going to guide you towards filtering unwanted tweets in your timeline with a nifty Chrome extension called Blind Follow.

1. Install Blind Follow on Google Chrome.

2. Right click Blind Follow and hit ‘Options’.


3. Now Enter the twitter handles of the users you are looking to filter.


The users you blocked on Blind Follow will not appear on your Timeline from now on. Do note that this extension’s filtering capabilities are applicable only in the New Twitter. If you still use the Old Twitter interface – Tough luck!