Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally! Twitter Desktop Notifications for Chrome [Twitter Notifier]

Chrome got desktop notifications sometime in may and it was amazing. We were able to get alerts for email, etc. But I always missed notifications for Tweets on Google Chrome and this is one of the reasons why I started using TweetDeck instead. When I was randomly skimming through the Chrome Extensions gallery, I found the super-cool ‘Twitter Notifier’.

Twitter Notifer

Twitter Notifier gives you desktop notifications for the Tweets you receive on Twitter. You have to keep Chrome open for that (but, do you really close Google Chrome when your computer is ON?). Although, this extension works great there are some flaws in it like the links aren’t clickable, you can’t reply/DM from the notification. But one can’t really complain about it to the developer since the the Chrome notification API does not include these additional feature sets (clickable links are still possible).

Thanks to Twitter Notifier, I’ll rarely need to open TweetDeck from now on. Smile

[Add Twitter Notifier to Chrome]

We also discussed about Blind Follow (A Chrome extension) for filtering Tweets on the Twitter Web Interface itself.

UPDATE (21st November 2010): Twitter Notifier now allows you to click links on Tweets. It has also added support to display DMs, mentions and reply/DM from the notification itself.