Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Host a File Publicly using Dropbox [drop.io ALTERNATIVE]

Online Private file sharing service Drop.io is no more and it's time to look for alternatives. I believe that nothing beats Dropbox as a Drop.io alternative. In this post, I'll be guiding you through uploading a file on Dropbox which can be shared publicly.

Dropbox needs no introduction. It’s a great file hosting service and almost eliminates the need for carrying flash drives around.

Hosting a file on Dropbox has its advantages. Firstly, you won’t run out of bandwidth from your web-host. The download speeds are great in Dropbox and it can handle virtually any number of public requests for a file. If you have a custom-built template for your blog, I would recommend using Dropbox for hosting the design files since it’s faster and cost-effective (free, unlimited bandwidth like I said before).

 Start by logging on to Dropbox.com

→ Click on the public folder to get inside it.

→ Click upload.

→ Click on Choose files to select the files and then start upload.

→ After the file has been uploaded it will be visible in the list of files inside public. Click on the dropdown after the ‘modified’ column and select the option ‘Copy Public link’.

→ Now you can copy the link to the clipboard and start using it (There is also an option to shorten the link).