Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mozilla F1–A Walkthrough

Mozilla just came out with a sharing add-on for Firefox known as F1. With all the hype around I decided to check it out. Here’s a little something about F1.


The add-on is pretty simple to use and there’s nothing innovative about it. The arrow in the screenshot shows the button you need to press in order to start F1. The object inside the red-box is the add-on.

F1 helps you share stuff you read online using Twitter, Facebook and Email Gmail. After you’ve installed it you need to authorize your respective accounts to integrate the social networks to F1. While sharing on Twitter, F1 automatically adds the shortened link to your Tweet using bit.ly so that you have more space for actual words.

Mozilla’s F1 aims to reduce diversity in the sharing market. It would have been great if F1 blocks sharing buttons on websites to reduce unwanted clutter but sadly, it doesn’t.

If you use Google Chrome, there’s an Official Sharing button similar to that of F1.