Monday, November 8, 2010

Open PDF files using Google Chrome

Here’s another reason to use Google Chrome – It can serve as an alternative to Adobe Reader.
Opening PDF files in web browsers using the plug-ins provided by PDF readers have long been bloated and buggy. Many alternatives to Adobe’s PDF readers like Foxit Reader have not been performing when it comes to opening PDF files within web browsers.

So here is the news – Google Chrome’s Latest BETA version adds native support to open PDF files. It’s fast and takes time only to download the PDF file before viewing it. The browser can also be assigned to handle all the PDF files in your computer by default.

This PDF viewer in Chrome is also secure when compared to Adobe’s Reader (remember the incessant updates from Adobe) since Chrome integrates Sandbox into its PDF reader.

Even though the PDF reader built into Chrome is snappy, it doesn’t have additional features and if you are a PDF power user you might still want to retain full-time PDF readers while using Chrome’s PDF rendering only while browsing.

P.S. This feature is currently being shipped only in the beta version and above. If you are still using the stable version of Chrome, it will take a while before the feature reaches you.