Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Roundup: November 2010

November has been a pretty exciting month for PC Geek in terms of everything. We’ve had a Major Theme change on our blog and hope this design will be around for a while. In terms of Traffic we had just over 5000 hits to our blog with majority of the users coming in from Search engines. Without much ado here are some of the best posts this month.

How To Host a File Publicly using Dropbox [Drop.io Alternative]

Drop.io, a favourite service for many of us looking to host and share files online has been recently shutdown. Reason – It was bought by Facebook. At this time of distress, you’ll be looking for a potential alternative to replace your beloved Drop.io. In this post, we explain you in detail about hosting files publicly on Dropbox without having to install anything on your PC.

Review of the Panda Cloud Antivirus

This article is a detailed review of Panda’s innovative Cloud Antivirus. I am now a fan of this product since it consumes very less memory (even lesser than MSE and other counterparts). Panda Cloud has a free version and a PRO version. But, you wouldn’t be needing the free version if you participate in this giveaway.

Get McAfee Internet Security 2011 for FREE

This was another well received article on PC Geek. McAfee is still giving away complementary license of 6-months to it’s Facebook fans. Check out the article and make the most of the offer.

Turn Chrome into a powerful Twitter Client

We all use Twitter Clients like TweetDeck, etc. But it becomes irritating when you need to open a separate program to Tweet. It also becomes very difficult to share stuff you read. In this post, I list out some Chrome Extensions that makes your browser a better place to tweet.

6 Must-have Google Chrome Extensions for Students

If you are a student using Google Chrome, this article is a must read. We discuss about some great time-saving extensions that can help you in the long run.


Downloads Featured this Month:

We’re contemplating to scrap the ‘Download of the Week’ tag and regularly feature downloads instead. Following is a list of software we featured on PC Geek in November.

Makes file transfer a breeze in your Windows PC. It was recently featured on Life Hacker's 50 free software for Thanksgiving.

It becomes really difficult to track down and delete duplicate files on your PC. When you’ve got multiple copies for large files such as Movies, etc. It’ll drain your hard-disk of space. This nifty little tool helps you find and delete duplicates of files that are already on your PC.

This is one software I cannot live without. WizMouse helps you scroll content in Windows that are not active/in the background whilst working somewhere else. Check out the feature for a detailed review.

FeedDemon is an amazing RSS reader for Windows. It serves as a perfect alternative for those who aren’t fans of Google Reader. FeedDemon also pre-fetches content from the web for you to read when you are offline.

This was one of the most read posts on PC Geek. Digsby is an amazing IM app and this article tells you why.

That’s it for this month. If you are a new reader of PC Geek, you might want to have a look at our archives for stuff written before November. Also have a look at the Subscribe page if you are looking to follow PC Geek regularly.