Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turn Chrome into a Powerful Twitter Client

We’ve lately been discussing about many Twitter resources on PC Geek and most of them turned out to be Chrome Extensions. In this post, I am going to help you ditch your Twitter Client for tweeting from Twitter’s web Interface.

Let’s face it, We all use a Twitter Client because the Twitter’s Web Site isn’t very convenient to use. With Google Chrome, it isn’t so hard to make the web interface work the way you want it to. All we need is a bunch of extensions to do the job.

1. Getting Short URLs with Minimum Fuss:

Short URLs are very significant in the Twitter eco-system and every Twitter client provides automatic URL shortening. If you are on Twitter’s website there is no such option (although they’ve got the domain). Here’s what you have to do to get Short-URLs easily for tweeting on Twitter web.


Install Auto – a Google Chrome extension that gets you a shortened URL for the webpage you are currently on. All you need to do is right click anywhere on the webpage for which you need a URL and click ‘Copy Short URL for this page’. Auto also allows you to integrate your API key for analytics of your links.

2. Desktop Notifications:

Twitter Notifier

Now that Google Chrome allows extensions to show up Desktop notifications it will be very easy to simulate a TweetDeck experience. Twitter Notifier is a nifty little extension that takes care of it. This extension is just 2 weeks old and has already been out in 3 versions. The extension now supports Replying/DM’ing from the notification itself. Some users find constant notifications distracting while the browser is open. In this case, you can easily disable the extension whenever you want and enable it back when you feel like Tweeting.

3. Sharing with ease:

Twitter for Chrome

When you stumble upon something interesting you might want to share it with your followers. If the particular website doesn’t provide you with a Twitter button – don’t worry. Twitter for Chrome is built for just that. Hitting the extension’s button takes you to a new tab where you can see the Tweet Button’s interface with your message and URL ready to Tweet!

4. Filter Boring Tweeters:

Blind Follow

External Twitter applications like TweetDeck provide you with the option of filtering out Tweets of people whom you don’t want to listen to and at the same time you don’t want to unfollow.This feature is sadly missing on Twitter’s website. But we’ve still got an amazing Chrome extension called Blind Follow just for that!

Not enough?

If you think the features above are not enough you might also want to check out Power Twitter for Chrome – another extension that improves various aspects of and makes it usable. There’s also Twitter Photo Zoom which enlarges the gravatars of Twitter users. If you still hate the way these Extensions deliver to you, there are Twitter clients like Chrowety, Chromed Bird which are lightweight and work inside Chrome.

Though there are many browsers out there I love the way Chrome Extensions integrate and work harmoniously with Twitter. If you’ve got something to add to my list make use of the comments section.

Click on the bundle link below for a link compilation of all the extensions (except the clients):