Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Chrome Extensions That Made My Year

I am a full-time user of Google Chrome and I can justify the same by saying that Chrome almost remains open in my PC for the same amount of time explorer.exe runs in the background.  2010 has been an year of Chrome Extensions and in this post, I am going to list 10 extensions that made my year! These extensions saved a lot of my time and made my time in front of the PC more productive. [Click on the respective titles to get the extension].

Google Shortcuts:

Google Shortcuts is nothing but a gateway to your favourite Google Services. It’s very helpful to launch services like Gmail which people regularly use.

Google Shortcuts

The best thing about this extension is that you can launch a particular service from a different account. For instance, I use Google Docs only on my Google Apps account and I can instruct this extension to open my Apps account for Docs instead of the account that’s currently logged in using the browser.

Google Mail Checker Plus:

Google Mail Checker

This is a well-known extension that deserves all the attention it could get. It gets you that push-mail feeling you get with your smartphone. If you use Gmail a lot and frequently get important messages, this extension is a must-have. There is also the simple ‘Google Mail Checker’ if you don’t like this one.


LastPass Logo

I deeply regret not having tried this extension earlier. LastPass is a password manager that helps you choose highly secure passwords for your online accounts. It also does you a favour by remembering every unique password you might have. All you need to remember is the master Password to get into your LastPass vault and you are good to go. The best thing about LastPass is that they’ve got an extension for a lot of platforms. This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. If you use a mobile device like iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile they’ve got you covered.

If there’s going to be another incident similar to Gawker’s you will never be a victim if you are on LastPass.


Uploading an Image is a painstaking task if you are on a browser. imgur takes the pain off just that. This extension lets you drag and upload images with Google Chrome. If you use Twitter regularly, then you might as well make this your go-to app for sharing pictures.

imgur can also be used as a standalone app out of Chrome, read up this article to know more. about that.

Auto Bitly:


If you need to shorten URLs regularly – look no more. This extension gives you the short URL of a page by just right clicking and choosing ‘Copy Short URL for this page’. There is also an option to integrate your the your API key for analytics of your URLs. Trust me, it might sound trivial, but this extension is extremely usable!

Quickrr Research:


This extension has already been featured on PC Geek. Quickrr lets you post your query to multiple search engines at once. If you constantly need to do a lot of research – this is the extension for you.

Twitter Notifier:

Twitter Notifier

I still cannot understand why this extension hasn’t been featured on the ‘BIG’ blogs. Twitter Notifier makes use of the Desktop notifications API of Chrome to give you notifications of new tweets as they arrive. If you normally tweet from Twitter’s Website, this extension can be very nifty!

Clip to Evernote:


Found something very important on the web? Clip to Evernote helps you add it to your Evernote for future reference.

Tell-Tale Tab:


If you have the habit of frequently pinning tabs of certain web-apps, you will end up missing out the action in the particular tab (like the no. of unread mails, tweets etcetera). This extension displays the new items in pinned tabs as a part of the favicon. It supports most of the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and the like.

RSS Subscription Extension:

Google Chrome lacks an inbuilt RSS reader like Firefox does. This extension isn’t great, but it helps you sort out the RSS feeds of a particular page to be added to Google Reader or other similar programs.

So, those were the extensions which made my year. Have you got your list of favourite extensions? Leave a comment listing them and express yourself!