Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5 Sensible Tech Gift Ideas

This post originally appeared on 5th December, 2010. We're re-publishing it to help you with some last-minute gift ideas.

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The best of gifts can be cherished for a long time, but they are rarely sensible or practical. I am a firm believer of gifting objects that are of some use to the recipient. In this post, we'll have a look at some practical, yet simple gift ideas (that revolves around tech).

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A Memory Upgrade to their PC:
Yeah, right! That sounds crazy. But, think about it. Your sister might have an ageing PC with just a gig of RAM. If you haven't got the bucks to get her a brand new PC, a memory upgrade should make her computing experience faster.
Precautions: Make sure that you peep into their computer and check whether upgrading the memory is possible with tools like Speccy, etc. If there aren't empty memory slots find out the maximum amount of memory the existing slots can work with; also find out the kind of RAM the computer is compatible with so that you don't end up buying memory that's not going to work. You can buy Desktop or Laptop memory online.
Gift them PC Security:

Nope. I am not drunk! For those non-geeky relatives you might have, PC Security is going to be very helpful. If they are still struggling with a Free Antivirus which requires much user intervention, Paid Security software might just be the answer.
Here's a million dollar idea: Just participate in the Panda Cloud Giveaway on our blog and gift them the license key we give you. If you are really concerned about spending some money for their gift; use the coupon code CPNCAV50 in this page for a whopping discount of 50% on Panda Cloud. If you've got other security software in mind check this outalt.

A Geeky Magazine Subscription:

Got a Geeky cousin? Nothing could be more greater than a Technology Magazine Subscription. A true Geek would just love to be immersed on the couch with a pile of magazines nearby on a lazy afternoon. If I were to receive a gift; This would be my first preference. Check out this page for the geekiest magazine subscriptions in the market.alt
Get them a Webcam if they don't have one:

If you are planning to gift your mom something special, a Webcam would be a great idea. This will be very sensible if you are often away from your mother and I am sure that you'll be amply appreciated for it. Check out this page for great Webcam deals and read up this article to help your mom use the Webcam effectively.
A Budget PC:

Getting a new PC is obviously a great idea for one without a proper Computer. If you are a little low on bucks, check out this page for budget computers that perform well too. Most of the computers in the linked page should be able to perform every day tasks like web surfing effectively.
I wasn't very creative about the list, but I am sure that they are practical enough. If you've got a thinker's block; this list should get you started.
Happy Holidays!