Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Shopping with Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s Extensions have been catering to the needs of different strata of people. We’ve already discussed about Chrome Extensions for Business users and  Students. In this post, We’ll have a look at extensions that are made for Shopping Geeks!

Coupon Codes:

Shopping Buffs love Coupon codes and finding them online while shopping can get very difficult. There are two Chrome extensions to deal with this. Coupon Codes Finder and Coupon Extension.


Coupon Codes Finder works better than the other one and you should definitely give it a try. All you need to do is enter the name of the website in the appropriate field and let the extension search and give you results about Coupon codes at the particular site/shop. The extension is powered by  All Coupon

Price History of a Particular Product:


Shopping is pretty much like buying share in the stock market. Prices can go up/down at times and making a wise decision can save your neck. Ookong for Chrome lets you find out the price history of a particular product you are interested in. If you see that the price has been steadily coming down for a while, you might as well wait for some time and buy it when it becomes cheaper. This extension works only on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and select American stores.

Currency Converter:

Non-US Shoppers have a hard time converting $$ into their own currency. With Chrome Currency converter, this process becomes very simple. All you need to do is install this extension and tell it your local currency. You will now see the prices in your local currency even in sites like This extension will be useful for practically any user who’s local currency isn’t US$.

Website Reviews:

With the increasing development in the field of e-commerce, Internet Bad Guys have started building fake shopping sites that cheat you. An extension such as WOT can help you find out the reliability of a website; there are also reviews on WOT which can help you know about the service of the particular site. (a shop, in your case!).

McAfee’s Site Advisor is a potential alternative to WOT.

These extensions should help you shop better on Chrome. If you’ve got something to add to this list, let us know by leaving a comment below.