Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bloat-Free Alternatives to NERO

Nero Express aka Nero Multimedia Suite comes bundled as an OEM version with almost every DVD writer and a lot of people tend to stick with it without knowing about the better alternative options available. Nero has been continuously bloating it’s software since v7 and if you are still with v6, you are in dire need of an upgrade.  Read up to know what can take the place of ‘Nero’ in your PC.



ImgBurn is an excellent Freeware alternative to Nero. It does everything Nero can do and it also prevents your computer from getting bloated with an array of multimedia programs (which sadly Nero does). It’s interface is pretty straight forward and even if you’ve been with Nero all you life you should have no trouble adapting to this software. Get ImgBurn here.



This is my personal favourite. It’s pretty much like ImgBurn and is frequently updated by it’s developer. It doesn’t contain the bells and whistles that usually come with Nero, but it does what it says! This software has already been featured on PC Geek. Download CDBurnerXP here.

P.S CDBurnerXP’s installer might notify you to install the ‘Ask’ Toolbar. Make sure you don’t.

Native Optical Disc Writer

Windows Inbuillt DVD Software

If you aren’t really into burning/using a lot of DVDs, you might as well use the in-built software that does a pretty decent job with recording data. To launch the program, insert a blank optical disc into your drive and click ‘Burn Files to Disc using Windows Explorer’.  Windows Media Player also features a good Optical recorder.

Nero Lite:

Nero BurnLite

If you have got used to Nero and can’t even dream of using another software instead of it, you should consider Nero Lite (Nero Burning ROM’s thinner Cousin). This is a Freeware unlike Nero Burning ROM. Download Nero Lite here.

Whatever you do, don’t stick with the dated OEM copy. These are some of the best alternatives I could find out. If you’ve been using anything similar do tell us in the comments.

UPDATE: Ashutosh Mishra pointed out that Burnaware and InfraRecorder are worth mentioning here. Burnaware follows a freemium model and offers Free/paid versions and InfraRecorder is an Open Source alternative to the others. Thanks Ashutosh.