Friday, December 10, 2010

Chrome Web Store isn’t really a Great Idea [OPINION]

Before I begin, I’ll have to admit that I am a fan of Google, Web Apps and Chrome. But it doesn’t mean that I buy every idea Google comes up with (like the Chrome Web Store).


HTML5 makes Web Apps more powerful and enables them to work just like Desktop Apps and using a Web App definitely makes sense. However, I am not really with Chrome’s Web Store. I see this model to be flawed (at least from the perspective for which it was created).

Apple had an App Store for iOS – great! Android did the same – great again!. But, the content delivered through these channels weren’t Web Apps while Chrome’s Web Store delivers nothing but URLs enclosed within Shiny Bookmarks.

So, What exactly does the Web Store do?

If you’ve been following the news, Chrome launched the BETA of it’s Chrome OS that’s supposed to be seamlessly integrated with the Cloud. Now, such an Operating system will be rendered useless with JUST a browser. Chrome Web Store is nothing but the bells and whistles that provide shortcuts (or, icons) to the Web Apps you choose. This setup (Web Store) encapsulates the emptiness in the OS by itself. It also ensures that there is some exclusivity in the platform (while, there really isn’t any).

The Web Store also works like Stumble Upon in Android. I came across some really good apps like Slide Rocket, Aviary Image Editor, etc. which I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

Bottom Line:

If you are using Google Chrome on Windows or a non-Chrome OS – this isn’t a great idea, but it definitely helps you stumble upon some interesting services out there. On the contrary, If you are one of those select few to get a Cr-48 hold on tight to this Web Store since it’s the only way out to make your *cloud* OS interesting.

What do you feel about the Chrome Web Store?