Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[How To] Delete Old System Restore Restore Points?

System restore points are created regularly by Windows so that you can revert anytime whenever you have an issue. Many of us don’t realize that these restore points are fairly huge and consume a lot of disk space. Let’s see how to delete Old Restore points that will not be of any use.

  • Hit Start and then type CLEANMGR and then hit enter.
  • The Disk Cleanup utility will now appear; Now go to the ‘More Options’ tab.

Disk Cleanup - More Options

  • Click on ‘Clean Up’ as shown in the screenshot above. You will now see a confirmation as shown below.

Disk Cleanup - Delete Restore Points

  • Click ‘Delete’ and give it some time.

After the process ends you should notice that a lot of space has been freed up (I was able to free up 6GB). I’d recommend you do this procedure every month.