Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PC Geek Blog (2010)–Revisited

PC Geek was up from the month of August and has been faring quite decently till now. Some of our articles have been read, retweeted and shared a lot of times while some articles blatantly failed. In this post, we put together articles that did exceptionally well this year.

10 Chrome Extensions for Business Users

Google Chrome is now being adopted by users left, right and centre. In this post, we list 10 extensions that will make Chrome more productive in a corporate environment.

5 Sensible Tech Gift Ideas

Have you gifted objects that can be practically put to use? (unlike a bouquet). In this post, we list 5 gift ideas that are very practical and can be put to good use by the recipient.

Doc vs. Docx – Which is more relevant?

This rant of mine was linked back by the MacObserver. Read up to find whether doc or Docx makes sense.

10 Chrome Extensions That Made My Year

As the title suggests, this is an year-end post. If you are looking for some really good extensions, this one’s a must read.
PC Geek is pretty new and we don’t have a huge collection to share with you. Make sure that you check out the articles linked above.
Happy New Year!