Monday, December 6, 2010

Screenshot Tour: xPUD–A 64MB Operating System

I’ve always fancied carrying a mini-operating system like Damn Small Linux or the likes, but they’ve always turned me off by their lack of features. These small OSes usually don’t offer anything interesting. I recently had a go with xPUD and loved it! Let’s have a look at how it works.

xPUD is a tiny 64MB Operating System based on Linux. It purely relies on the cloud and is perfect if you just plan on browsing the internet.

xPUD Welcome Screen

The shot above shows the Home Screen where you get started. The left tab containing the options are static and ‘almost’ never go.

xPUD Apps

The Menu section is the juiciest of the lot. Like I’ve enlarged, Firefox is the most significant App here and the Web Applications below execute using this browser.

xPUD Browser

I would have been happier to find Chrome being the default browser instead. But you can still install Chrome which is found in the App-Store (More on that later).

xPUD Explorer

That’s the File Explorer of xPUD showing the standard Linux directories. Being an OS that relies on a Web Browser for most of it’s experience; I wouldn’t place much emphasis here. Although you can install certain Apps to work with this OS.

xPUD Settings

xPUD allows you to install some applications from it’s dedicated App-Store. But the Opt-Get option doesn’t work at all! I was finally able to access their app-store from Windows.

xPUD Apps1

There are a lot of Applications that can be installed and used with xPUD. The above screenshot shows the App-Store. It isn’t very extensive, but their BETA App-store is reassuring and I believe there will be more applications in the future.

Google Chrome, Pidgin, Picasa, Skype and JAVA Support are under BETA Testing, but you can still install and try them.

I was able to add these apps without much trouble by just putting them into the /opt directory. Remember that only 6 extensions can start with the OS at boot-up.

It is also possible to install xPUD alongside Windows like we do with Ubuntu.


Download xPUD here | xPUD App-Store | xPUD App-Store (Apps under Testing)

Bottom Line:

xPUD is an amazing idea if you are looking for an OS that works! I’ve been trying it out at various computers lately and it works without any trouble. If you are at a friend’s place and don’t feel like using his/her Windows. Just use your Flash Drive and boot-up with your customized xPUD!