Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 5 Add-ons for Internet Explorer

Before reading further make sure that you have Internet Explorer 8 or 9 Installed in your PC. Please note that Internet Explorer 9 works only on Windows Vista/7.

We’ve all been talking endlessly about Google Chrome’s extensions and apps while Internet Explorer’s growing collection of Add-ons don’t get any attention. In this post, I am going to list out 10 Add-ons that are worth a try when you clean the cobwebs and fire up Internet Explorer.

1. Cooliris

Cooliris has always been loved on Firefox and Chrome. The same extension is now available on Internet Explorer.

Cooliris for Internet Explorer

For those who didn’t know, Cooliris is a software that helps you view the images on the web in a better way thereby improving your overall experience.

2. WOT (Web of Trust)

A lot of people using Internet Explorer don’t realize the importance of Add-ons like WOT and the like. WOT warns you when you visit sites with a bad track record (phishing, scamming, frauds, etc.) If you’d like to stay safe on the Internet; this add-on is a must.

McAfee SiteAdvisor is a good alternative to WOT.

3. StumbleUpon

Stumble Upon is without a doubt, the best way to discover great content online. If you are looking to use SU on Internet Explorer, this add-on is a must.

4. Get Definitions (2 Add-ons)

If you use the Internet frequently, chances are that you will be searching for the meaning/definition of certain terms. Fortunately, Internet Explorer has 2 nifty add-ons that will serve this purpose.

Dictionary Reference – This add-ons makes it easy to lookup for words on It’s more like an accelerator rather than an add-on.

Urban Dictionary IE

Define with Urban Dictionary – In the days of LOLs, LMAOs and ROFLs we need Urban Dictionary more than anything else. Define with Urban Dictionary helps you with that.

5. TinyURL Accelerator 

If you use Twitter a lot, you are probably going to use URL shorteners. TinyURL Accelerator makes it easy by just right clicking and choosing the ‘Shrink URL’ option. If you like, their bookmarklets might please you.

A lot of Add-ons for Internet Explorer are commercial and are not usable. Other than the add-ons I mentioned below, there are popular ones like XMarks, LastPass which are also worth using (but, you know them already, don’t you?).

PS. Remember that you will have to restart the browser to enable the add-ons. (ouch!)