Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Enable Auto-Sync in Evernote and Stay Ahead of your Notes

The desktop version of Evernote isn’t really sync-friendly. If you write something and close the program; the stuff you just wrote won’t be on Evernote’s cloud which means you won’t find it anywhere else other than your computer and if you are really forgetful like me, this can be a big problem.

The Fix?

Auto-Sync is not enabled in Evernote by default, but the feature exists. All you need to do is navigate to Tools→Options→Sync (Tab)→ Enable ‘Synchronise automatically’. The default time period is every 30 minutes, but if you find yourself using Evernote for a much shorter duration you can switch to every 15 minutes instead.

Evernote Auto

Haven’t used Evernote before? It’s a great note-taking application which enables you to take notes with the assurance of being able to find it on any Internet Enabled device. You can download Evernote here.