Friday, January 7, 2011

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Skype [Quick Tip]

If you use Skype regularly, you will definitely miss the keyboard shortcuts. By default, keyboard shortcuts are not enabled in Skype, but you can set them up in a few minutes.

Skype Hotkeys

  1. Open Skype and navigate to Tools→Options→Advanced→Hotkeys.
  2. Choose ‘Enable Keyboard Shortcuts’.

You will now be able to answer an incoming call with Alt-Page Up and Hang up with Alt-Page Down. If you choose to answer a call with Video you can use Ctrl-Alt-Page Up is the default Hotkey. These key combinations can be customized according to your choice by clicking on the ‘Change selected shortcut’ option as shown in the screenshot above.

Skype Hotkeys 2

Just choose whether you like holding Shift/Ctrl/Alt while pressing the hotkey and mention the key in the textbox.