Saturday, January 1, 2011

Roundup–December 2010

December has been quite a busy month with over 35 posts on PC Geek. Check out the list below for some of the highly read/re-tweeted posts. Also, December was full of posts pertaining to Google Chrome, so if you are a fan of Chrome I am sure you’ll enjoy reading the list after the break.

Fix the Crashing Chrome Canary

Google Chrome’s Canary has been crashing like never before (and it still is); thanks to a buggy update. This article helps you fix your Chrome Canary with a simple procedure.

5 Sensible Tech Gift Ideas

The new year’s here and if you still need to gift someone, this article’s a great head start!

10 Chrome Extensions That Made My Year

I started using Google Chrome in 2010 and frankly, I am very excited about the Extension. I list 10 awesome extension from the Gallery. Read it up!

Block Jimmy Wales with Wikipedia Stare Fix

So, you hate Jimmy Wales staring at you whenever you are busy reading something on Wikipedia. This article helps you block him for life.

Consider donating to Wikipedia before you block the poor guy.

5 Geeky Resolutions for The New Year

Looking to become more tech savvy in 2011? Read up this article to get started.

How To Maintain a Private Online Diary

Keeping a diary is a great idea to express yourself and become a better person. In this article, we show you how to maintain one online.

Hope you liked reading PC Geek during 2010. We believe we’ll keep providing interesting content in the coming year. Happy New Year again!