Friday, January 28, 2011

Verify Senders on Gmail with an Authentication Icon [Tip]

Phishing mails have become very common and I’ve received a lot of them (until I recently changed my email address). Gmail Labs has a very nifty feature that will allow you to easily differentiate between a phishing email and a scam mail.

Let me break it down, Facebook sends some notifications to its users via email and clicking on links in the mail is not going to put you under risk. But, there are instances when you’ll get an email from “Facebook” while it’s actually from a spammer who owns a mail address at something like

So, this Gmail Labs feature displays an Authentication Icon in order to help you decide what to open and what not to open. Go to Gmail labs and enable the feature ‘Authentication icon for verified senders’.

Verified Sender GMail

I also recommend you install WOT (Web Of Trust). It displays a green circle (like the ones in the screenshot) for links that point to safe sites and red circles for dangerous links. WOT supports all major browsers.