Thursday, February 24, 2011

Get Safari’s Reader function on Google Chrome

When Safari 5 came out, everyone was crazy about the Reader it offered. If you came across a heavily ad-filled, cluttered page you can simply click the reader button to be able to view just the article. This feature had become quite common among a lot of users. Now, If you are using Google Chrome and want to stay away from AdBlockers for ethical reasons, the TidyRead extension is perfect! It offers the Safari’s reader feature on Chrome. Let’s see how it works after the break.

TidyRead Open

  • You should now see the TidyRead icon among the other extension icons. Go to a blog and get inside the article that you are looking to read. Now, click on TidyRead and choose ‘Open TidyRead’ for a tidier page of the same article. TidyRead will automatically open it’s version when you visit the blogs until you Opt-out of a particular site or a page. Check out the comparison.

The caveat is that TidyRead is not being actively developed anymore. But, I guess it shouldn’t be a problem since it works pretty well till now.

TidyRead Extension [Chrome Webstore]