Monday, February 21, 2011

How to get Priority Inbox on Microsoft Outlook?

I am a big fan of Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature and to be frank it really saves a lot of time if you receive many emails regularly. Now, If you are fated to use Microsoft Outlook in your office here’s how you can get the Priority Inbox feature into outlook (even for non-Gmail accounts) to stay more productive!

Make sure that you have at least Outlook 2007 installed in your PC. Since the ‘Priority Inbox’ add-in won’t work properly with older versions.

Priority Inbox

  • Start by downloading the Priority Inbox for Outlook Add-in. You will be asked to give your email address and name in order to send you the download link.
  • Download the appropriate version of Priority Inbox (Only 2007 and 2010 available).
  • Extract the downloaded file and install it by running Setup.exe. Make sure that Outlook is closed during installation.

COM Add-ins

  • After Installing, open Outlook and you should see a Priority Inbox option under the home ribbon and Outlook may become slow for a while. If this happens, the add-in is working properly, if not you need to enable the Add-in by clicking on ‘File’ > Options (left) > Add-Ins tab (in Outlook Options window). In the Add-Ins tab click on ‘Go’ at the bottom and check ‘Priority Inbox for Outlook’ and click OK.
  • From now on your email will be organized just like the Priority Inbox in Gmail. You email will have a flagged section instead of starred like in Gmail.

Priority Inbox for Gmail is a paid app costing around $20. It’s available for free till the software comes out of BETA. If you are not able to use this Add-in, try downloading the version with dependencies from the download link email.

via Addictive Tips