Saturday, February 12, 2011

IE9 - Get some Extensions already! [RANT]

Internet Explorer 9 has been a very good browser considering it’s BETA tag. Although, it tries to ape Google Chrome, IE9 has been very good in it’s own way, specially when it tries to block your toolbars (and sadly some extensions) in order to speed up the browser.

A couple of days before, my friend Ashutosh hit the nail by saying that IE9 feels like Chrome v1. Super fast, but there’s nothing to it – no extensions or other customizable features. History has already proved that extensions make a browser successful.

Internet Explorer already has an add-on gallery, but it’s full of cobwebs. There isn’t anything innovative and all you can find is a bunch of commercial toolbars and useless extensions. Just have a look at the screenshots below and you’ll understand.

Ie AddonsAdd-ons

The picture to the left shows the most “popular” extensions in their gallery and the other screenshot shows some of the newest arrivals.

Microsoft needs to form an ecosystem similar to that of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Even Opera which has a very low market share has a decent collection of extensions. Until then, I am staying with Google Chrome. What about you?