Monday, February 7, 2011

List of Wikipedia Browser Extensions

Wikipedia has become a very integral part of our lives, so much that we can’t imagine a day without it’s presence. In this post, We’ll be having a look a Browser extensions that make Wikipedia easily accessible and fun to use.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome has a lot of interesting extensions that work as advertised. The extensions featured below work harmoniously with Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedia Companion – This extension lives up to it’s name. It works perfectly with Wikipedia and gets you to the page you are looking for.


  • Faster Chrome – This isn’t exactly a dedicated Wikipedia extension, but it does make Wikipedia easily accessible. When you come across a word/concept that you find difficult, all you need to do is highlight it and click the Wikipedia icon in the balloon that comes up.

Faster Chrome

  • Wikipedia Reader – This is the best of the lot. It’s literally cleans up all the unwanted elements on a Wikipedia article page and leaves you with just the article. It also gives you a boxed preview of the image instead of taking you to a separate page to view it. If you’ve been using Wikipedia without this extension, you seriously need to give it a try. Below is a screenshot of a Wikipedia article with this extension. Click to enlarge.

Beautipedia Modified, Chromified is a similar extension.

Click to Enlarge

  • Wikipedia Highlighter – Whenever you search for something for Google, it always feels nice to see a Wikipedia article pertaining to the query. This extension makes sure that the Wikipedia result comes on top and stays highlighted. Cool, ain’t it?

  • Quickrr Research – This extension lets you post your query to multiple sources like Google, Wolfram Alpha, Twitter, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc.,

  • Ubuki – If you love Ubuntu and it’s default font, you’ll love this extension. Ubuki renders Wikipedia in Ubuntu’s default font, bringing in all the Ubuntu goodness!

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer does not have a very extensive collection of add-ons. Here’s what I could find.

Define with Wikipedia – As the title suggests, you can use this addon accelerator to easily access Wikipedia by just selecting the words.

Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox, as you know has a lot of Add-ons. But, When it comes to Wikipedia there isn’t anything innovating other than the generic toolbar or helper.

  • Faster Fox – This is the Firefox version of Faster Chrome. Pretty much the same functions are involved.
  • Wikilook – This addon eliminates the need to open a new tab to find out a Wikipedia definition of a word. If the particular entry is not found in Wikipedia, it starts looking in Wiktionary.


Safari’s limited set of browser extensions does not contain anything exciting, but the extensions like Glue, Custom Search, Dictionary, Keysearch makes it easier to access Wikipedia. They all can be found on this page.


Opera recently announced support for extensions in the latest version of their browser. Since then, their extensions gallery has been slowly expanding. To make the most of Wikipedia on Opera, try the following extensions.

Mini Wikipedia – This is pretty much like the Wikipedia Companion for Google Chrome. It lets you access Wikipedia in a click.