Monday, March 21, 2011

4 Start Page Extensions for Chrome

The Homepage of your browser can literally define what you are going to do for the rest of your session. In this post, I am listing some extensions that act as a start page to help you kick-start your browsing session on Google Chrome.

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Incredible StartPage – Productive Start Page for Chrome

Incredible Start Page

This is, by far the best Start Page extension I could find in the gallery. It literally has everything you’ll need. A Speed-Dial, Bookmark manager, List of Chrome Web Apps, closed tabs and even a little sticky note for helping you scribble something when it’s urgent. If you are looking for an All-in-One Start page extension – this is the one to go for.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial

This is a Classic! The extension is based on Opera’s Speed Dial and trust me, it makes you incredibly productive. Some of the highlights are the ability to add a logo every Speed Dial, changing the background image, etc.. The caveat is that the developer has stopped working on this extension and you’ll definitely notice some issues like URL not appearing in the address bar when you visit a page by clicking on the Speed Dial, but it’s very awesome nevertheless!

Speed Dial 2

Speed Dial2

This extension is very similar to that of Speed Dial except for the fact that it uses HTML5 for better speed. It has the ability to export your Speed Dial data so that you can use the same sites on Speed Dial 2 across all your computers. It even knows your habits and keeps track of your favourite sites to highlight them.



Feedly is the most popular start page of the lot. If you are more concerned about reading various blogs and finishing up the unread posts as soon as they begin accumulating in your Google Reader Feedly is the one for you. This extension organizes the unread posts on your Google Reader in a magazine-like style and presents them to you in a very appealing manner.You need to manually setup Feedly as the home page in this case.

That’s what I could find when looking for the perfect start page! If you know an extension that’s better than the ones listed leave a comment below and let us know.