Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get H.264 video support on Chrome 10

New versions of browsers usually get added features, unusually Google Chrome 10 (Stable) loses a feature – H.264 Video Support. Google has removed support for H.264 video to encourage web developers to use open standards like Google’s own VP8 video encoding.

What does this mean to an end-user like you? You are now left with a version of Google Chrome (whether you like it or not) that will not be able to render videos in the H.264 format. Fortunately, Microsoft has cooked up a Chrome Extension that undo-es what Google just did. All you have to do is install the Windows Media Player Extension for HTML5. There’s already a version of this extension for Firefox users on Windows 7.

Remember that this extension works only if you are using Chrome on a Windows 7 PC. Sorry to Vista and XP users.

Via: ZDNet